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Auckland – SkyTower Trip

What better way to see Auckland than up the Sky Tower! Enjoy your morning tea in the clouds.

Date: Thursday 18th October
Time: 10.15 am
Location: Victoria St W, Auckland
Bring: Water bottle and morning tea.
Cost: Free for Playschool enrolled children and $7.00 per 1 Educator per family.
Additional adults to pay on the day $15.00. Please bring correct cash on the day for payment.

RSVP by Monday 8th October to kirsty@playschooleducation.co.nz

Newsletter – September 2018

Hawkes Bay – National Aquarium

Join Amanda and come and see the penguins and fish being fed!

Date: Monday 20th August
Time: 9.30am
Location: Marine Parade, Napier
Cost: $6.00 per Educator and Playschool enrolled children. Additional Playschool children will be $2.00.

Bring packed lunch and drink bottles.

RSVP by Monday 6th August to Amanda

Waikato Outing – Little Leapers

Join Fiona for a morning of jumping and exploring the amazing things our bodies can do!

Date: August 14th August
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Leap Trampoline Park, Sunshine Ave, Hamilton.

Bring socks, water bottle and morning tea.

RSVP by Monday 6th August to Fiona

Auckland Outing – Henderson Chipmunks

Join Playschool for a fun morning at chipmunks, enjoying the indoor playground in this colder weather.

Date: Thursday 23rd August
Time: 10.00 am
Location: 93 Central Park Drive, Henderson
Cost: $2.00 per Playschool enrolled child

RSVP by Friday 10th August to Kirsty